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A Bad-Girl's Guide to Weight Loss Surgery
Archives 2004
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1/2    Happy New Year people!!!!!! Can you actually believe that it's 2004??? I soooooo cannot. It's been about 2 months since I last wrote. Let's see what there is to catch you up on hehe...I went to Italy and had the most amazing time. It is so amazingly beautiful there that words and even pictures cannot capture it fully. You have to see it to believe it. My mouth was open the entire time. I flew into Rome where my friend met me. We then took an hour and a half train ride to Florence where we spent 3 days. If anyone ever travels to must....I repeat MUST go to Florence. Not even just for the incredible art. So after Florence we headed back to Ascoli where she was studying. It was a typical small Italian village on the eastern coast. I even picked up some Italian with the 10 days that I was there. We spent 5 days there and on Friday headed back to Rome where we spent my last weekend. Rome is just insanely surreal. Never once did I truely feel like I was there. All the sites to see and just so much history. I was used to seeing pictures not the real thing hehe.... So anyway it was a greeeeeeeat trip and I would do it again ten times over. The only thing I didn't like was that I missed Hikaz....I wanted him to see everything I was seeing and share it with him but oh well....hehe another time.

       My 2 year anniversary of the surgery came up on Dec. 17th. 2 years people.....where has the time gone?? I didn't get to see the surgeon yet only cause I have to wait till my school insurance picks me up again but as soon as I do....I cannot wait to go and get my picture taken so I can scream and gasp just like last time hehe....I have lost a whopping total of 82 lbs still....I am just majorly stuck hehe...i know i know i know!!! I just need to step it up a bit..

       Christmas was fun and exciting.....I spent Christmas Eve over Hikaz's family and then he came back with me to my house for Christmas. So I got to spend it with everyone that I love. He got me this really pretty watch with diamonds and yada yada yada.....hehe Everything else I got was basically my trip to Italy heheh and a car!!!!! Yep that's right people I finally got it....It's a 1998 Misubishi'm extremely excited and I can't wait to just register it and get the thing on the road hehe.....Ummmmm then for New Year's Eve we spent it over Hikaz's uncles house. That was very entertaining hehe..... A bunch of loud Armenians with noise makers hehe......headache inducing.

          I head back to school in a week or so. I cannot wait to go back. My vocabulary is suffering majorly. I even said axed instead of asked one day!!! How horrid is that??? Plus I get to live there and it's closer to Hikaz and everyone so I'm thrilled.

         It's my birthday next Friday people!!!!! I'll be the big 2-2!!! What are ya'll getting me?? ;) Let's see what else is going on???? hmmmmmmm Hikaz and I are talking baout  Las Vegas wedding hehe....Just flying everyone out there and doing that....but we shall see.Of course this is all just talk cause we don't even have a ring yet soooooo hehe. Oh jeez I have to go and feed this dumb cat that I am watching hehe....They go to DisneyWorld and all I get invited to do is feed their cat while they're away....bahhhh humbug!! I lost the keys to their house though for like 3 days so hopefully the cat isn't already dead....heheh....oops :)

Love to all......and don't forget my birthday ;)

2/2/04  Hello my peeps.....It has been one month to the day...weird eh?? I thought so as well. I finally got pictures up from Italy and even added some from my birthday. Let's see.....My birthday weekend was great although I literally had like 5 cakes. I had one from work then one at Hikaz's parents and 2 from going out to eat, and another one at my parents house. Mmmmmm mmmm good. Yes people I eat cake:) Only a little slice yet still amazingly satisfying:) Ummm so that went well then I finally got my car all fixed and it's all pretty and cute. I'm not sure if I said this before but it's a little red Mitsubishi Eclipse and it's ohhhhhh so cute.....aaaaaand I headed back to school on the 20th. I am loving it down there. I love being so close to everyone especially Hikaz. We have such a good time together and his mom feeds me dinner every night so I never have to miss home cooked meals hehe.....Classes are good yet I skipped my first one last week which is technically only the second week but ya know what...I had to....My roomie decided not to go to her 8 am classes so how could I go to my 8:30.....You see?? hehe Hmmmmm what else what else...OHHH FRIGGIN YEAH.....I got on the scale today and I have lost 5 lbs in two rockin is that. Finally since I have been walking and actually exercising hehehe...instead of just sitting at the desk working. I am broke though since I haven't found a job at school yet. Sooooo annoying. Ya'll should know how much I hate to work and even more than that I hate looking for work. UGH..but soon I am going to have to find something or else I'm going to be in trrrrrouble. hmmmmmm I htink that's about it peeps.....Talk to ya'll real soon....I'm outty

3/19 HEY HEY HEY...Let's see what is new.....I celebrated St. Patrick's Day BIG TIME.....I probably drank more that ONE night than I have since I turned 21. Not good! So I was pretty much insanely drunk and my friend and I ended up staying at some people's house that we met that night. Thank God they weren't murderers. Bad decision on our parts but we were drunk and unable to make any rational decisions. That is the last of that though cause we're lucky we aren't dead hehe. Ummm things with HIkaz are going well. Each day is great and I never thought I could love someone so much. I didn't think it existed. My weight is at a stand still for now but I'm used to that so no worries. Right now I am at home on spring break and heading back to school tomorrow. I am excited and ready to really focus on school. I have been a slacker but I contribute that attitude to me having to get back into the swing of things after being out of school for a whole year. Next semester will be much better :) hehe Summer is coming ladies and gents and well that means bathing suits......I have to start doing some sit ups hehe and I have to make some travel plans...I always have somewhere to go and this year...NOTHING so far anyways :) Allllright well guess I'm going to go...Take care ya'll


7/2/04's been like 3 months I think since my last entry. That brings me to back in....... what??? ummmmm MARCH.....Holy!! I am so sorry guys. I promised that when I went back to school the entries would be more frequent but of course I lied hehe...I was just never in my room and if I was, I was doing schoolwork. Anyways I'm sorry again and I will try to catch ya'll up on the goings on. OKay so I have to read my last entry to see where I left off hehe. Okay so anyways school this semester was pretty much horrible. Although I thought i would get Cs in 3 classes I only got one in my Theories of Personality class!!! Yay! Everything else I got Bs in.....Good enough for me. Especially since I did nothing hehe.

        I am at 142 now and LOVING IT!!!! Who knew I would ever be at this weight again. I think the last time I was this weight was like ummmmmmm maaaybe 7th grade but I'm not too sure. IT's feeling reeeeeally good to be officially below 150 and not go up and down all the time. I used to go back and forth anywhere between 145 and 150. Now I'll just go back and forth between 140 and 145 hehe....I'm trying to cut back on the snacking cause sometimes I feel like I do it a little too often. I'm still eating whatever I want though just not too much. I have found that half a candy is good for me. Once I eat the whole thing I get a headache and stomachache. Can I just say one thing though?? It's been able 2 and a half years since the surgery and not one throw up YET!!!! I'm pretty damn proud of that. Ohhhhh don't get me wrong there were many times I wished I did throw up or at least pass out till the feelings passed but I never actually did.

     Hmmm Let's see...what else??? I don't have a vaction planned out just yet buuuuuut I went out with my friwends one night and went back to Hikaz's after. He had this biiiig smile on his face and was like, " I wrote you an email! Come on let's go read it." I gave him a face that could only be described as 'ummm okay....big deal' heheh. So we go upstairs and I sit down and I start to read his email. It talks about all this credit card stuff that he wanted to do and this and that and by the middle I just wanted to shut it and say, 'who cares', but I didn't. So I'm reading and reading and I get to this part that says, 'Your dream has come true. 3 nights in Ft. Lauderdale, 3 nights cruise to bahamas, and 3 nights in Orlando." My face dropped and I was all confused that that point hehe. I always beg him for us to go to Orlando cause he's never been. I looove it down you all probably know hehe. So anyway he totally surprised me. Cute boy he is hehe.....So now we just have to figure out when to go. We're thinking this winter so we can get outta the cold. So that's basically my trip for this year. SAdly my last trip was Italy last year. Come on folks I always go on at least two vacations a year. Nothing fancy just little getaways......ohhhh well.

          Things between the Hikeman and myself are great...same as always. I shall be moving in with him and his family during the week when I go to school this fall and then coming back to home in NH on the weekends. I finally found a good job for me. I am working in the ER of the hospital down the street from me. I looooove it. All the action and I never get bored. So this is why I will come home on weekends so I can work there still. This should be veeeeeeery interesting. WE are doing this to save money for our own place. So we shall see how it all works out hehe.

      I'm dying to go to Six Flags here in Massachusetts soon and I also wanna go camping since I have never been. Mmmmmm I have to wait though, till I start making some mooooney. Plus it's HIkaz's damn birthday in August so there goes mooooore money hehe. Oh well.

      La la la I'm trying to think of what else....mmm I'll put more pictures up just as soon as I can get my scanner to start working again. Damn computer crashed so I have to install it again hehe. Wow I really lead a boring life huh?? I can't even think of anything. Ohhhhhhh My friend and I were being silly and registered at David's Bridal a couple days ago and tried on tons of wedding and bridemaid's dresses. We took lots of pics so I'll put those up here too when she sends them to me hehe....So well I guess that's it. Hope you enjoyed. Talk to ya'll real soon....byeeeeeeeeeee ;)


11/11 Well well if it isn't me again!!!! Aren't you all tired of hearing about my life?? hehe I have probably lost so many people who used to read this cause I never update it. I mean come on, it's been since the beginning of July that I wrote on here. Pitiful....just pitiful. Some things have changed and some things haven't. I am a fiancee now....that was basically the biggest change as one might guess heh. I have a brand new car! I bought myself an '04 Honda Civic. So yeah those are the fun things. I am still working at the ER on weekends and living with Hikaz during the week. Our wedding is set for May 28th of next year so needless to say most of my time is spent planning, planning and more planning. We have our hall, church, photographer, and videographer all booked. We got our engagement pictures back as well and I'll put some of my faves up on the site. I'll also come back on tomorrow and add the story of the proposal and stuff....(not like any of the guys that read this will care) heheheh Anyway for now I am going to put the pics up and head to bed. I will catch ya'll tomorrow when I'm feeling more awake.....

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