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A Bad-Girl's Guide to Weight Loss Surgery
Surgery Story
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December 17, 2001

My mom woke me up at 4 am and I was soooooo amazingly tired yet awake at the same time. I got ready and we were on the road by 5 am. We arrived at the surgical center at about 5:45 am and I signed in. My mom and dad were both with me. I was surprisingly not nervous. My mom and even my dad looked nervous for me. All I had to do was just think that the next time that I wake up it will be over with. The lady comes into the room and says, "Nicole?" Ohhhh boy here we go......breathe breathe breathe. She takes us into this little room where she gives me a the hospital gown and booties and cap. Oh boy this is really happening isn't it??? So my parents leave while I change and i am shaking as I put on the stuff but when my parents come back I don't let them see me nervous. They stand beside me while I lay down and they hook me up to the IVs and stuff. I think I even saw my dad shead a tear which is weird for my dad. So what does that do?? It makes me cry. They man came in and said they were ready so they began to wheel me up. I remember kissing them later (I never said goodbye hehe) and then I remeber being wheeled up very faintly and then I just remember the OR room was cold and very blue and then I was off to LA LA LAND.......................................
The next thing I remember is a lady telling me that everything was fine and that I was in the recovery room and if I was in any pain. I remember saying that I was in a little discomfort and I wanted to go to my room. She told me that I would be there for just a little while longer. Every single time she came next to the bed I would ask if I could go up to my room yet. After a million times she said, "Do you have family up there is that why you want to go?" Ummmm yes why else would I?? hehe I was in and out in and out for about 2 hours in the recovery room. They finally began to wheel me up and I was soooooo excited even though I couldn't even see straight. I felt so tired hehe. We finally got up there and I saw my mom and dad waiting. All I remember was seeing their smiling faces and then I fell asleep. Everytime I would come to I would see them and it just made everything seem okay. Then after about an hour just staring at me sleeping, they told me that they were going to go home. They only thing I really remember is their faces, like I said, and that it was not painful at all, just uncomfortable when I moved. If I didn't move than I was good to go hehe.
Second Day: The previous night there was an old lady on the floor that kept screaming, "NUUUUUUURSE!! NUUUUUUURSE!! NUUUUUURSE!!" She also kept hitting the call button. DING DING DING DING! How can anyone sleep around here?!?!?!?!?! Needless to say I didn't sleep and was awake almost the entire night. I watched TV and I was soooo thirsy. Can I have water now??? Can I have water now???? How about now???? Now??? How about now??? Finally at around lunch time they let me sip some water. THANK GOD! They also gave me some Carnation Instant Breakfast crap. EWWWW even thinking about it now makes me want to puke. I did love my pain button. I pushed that sucker often. He was my friend in there. It seemed to only be uncomfortable at night. Anyway that day passed uneventful. That night though I asked the nurse if she could please shut my door so that NUUUUUUURSE lady wouldn't keep me awake.
Third Day: Juice and soup and Carnation crap. YUCK!!! I began to get out of bed and boy was that weird. I felt like every muscle I had had died and wasn't ready to be cooperative. The bed was kewl though cause it brough me up to a sitting position and I had to just shift myself out of it. I was going to the bathroom all by myself and I was sitting in the chair and walking around the floor. Yeah for me and my IV poll hehe. For some reason though my puse was always low so when I wasn't doing anything I had to have the oxygen on my face. Annoying. That night my whole family came to visit and I remember them doing the usual and finding that I had a fever. So then it was crazy time. What was wrong. They took blood cultures (sp?) Those killed my arm!! She had to do it 5 times in each arm. Not fun. hen they wheeled me down to X-ray and took pictures of my lungs and such. That was the only thing that made me a little nervous. I went to sleep that night at about midnight after tests and some meds. The next morning my fever was gone and the Dr. told me I could go home. YAHOO!!!! The only thing was that I had to stay there the whoeld ay cause my mom didn't get out of work until 6 pm. I just walked and watched TV. How fun!!!!! The ride home sucked cause I was dizzy and it hurt to go over the bumps but when I got home I just sat there and missed my hospital bed hehehe.