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A Bad-Girl's Guide to Weight Loss Surgery

Hikaz's Letter to All of You Out There.........

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This was entirely Hikaz's idea.....I finally let him read my journal and this is what he had to say to all of you.....

My name is Hikaz and many of you have probably read a little about me in my girlfriend Nicole's journal. It was just last night August 28 when Nicole finally let me read her journal for the first time. She always used to hold back when it came to me reading it in the past only because she was still not comfortable with me. I can only imagine what she went through in her past years and also can understand how its not easy for anyone to share those hard days. I've only known Nicole for just about a year now and I still sometimes thinks its a dream. Many of you may only know Nicole through her journal but I can assure you that if any one of you was given the chance to get to know her in person you also would be shocked of how nice of a person she is. My vocabulary is not enough to describe to you what kind of a girl she is. She's magical, beautiful, smart, loving, honest, and a friend that every one of us can only dream of having. Now don't think because she's my girlfriend that I have to say all these nice things. It was me who suggested that I write a little something from my point of view about this girl who many of us should look up to and thank someone up above for getting the chance of knowing her.
When I first met Nicole in November I had no idea what her past was like. So one day I happen to look at some of her old pictures when I noticed that the girl in the picture was a stranger compared to this girl whom I call Nicole. My mouth dropped as I saw some of these pictures! Not because of being overweight or any of those negative reasons only because how amazing it was to see that an individual can actually have the will power and determination to accomplish something in that sort. I study for weeks and feel like I conquered the world when I get a good grade on a test, I can only imagine how one must feel to lose almost 90lbs in one year.
So I just want to say to everyone which I'm sure Nicole has said before that if she can do it so can you. The results are stunning and one that you will smile about for years to come in your life. But, its not Nicole's amazing accomplishment nor her great journal that should make you look up to her. Its her inner beauty! Perhaps most of us don't want to touch on the subject that its inside what counts. Well, believe it or not there are still a few of us including me who over looks beauty and looks sometimes. True we all like to be physically attracted to someone in order to have anything work but those physical characteristics all fade away fast if the individual doesn't have the personality to compliment the looks. I for one never met anyone in my life until Nicole who has both. I dated the cheerleaders, the club girls, the girl next door type. Ya it was great in the meantime but after awhile you look at that someone and you wonder what exactly was it that attracted you to them? So trust me looks fade.
       After reading most of her journal I also noticed that Nicole didn't exactly tell you much about her personality. So as the boyfriend I'll tell you what's she's really like. Nicole is the type of girl that can't sleep the night that we get into an argument, Nicole is the type of girl that will reach out to you in any situation to help you even if its out of your way or a bother to her, she will listen to you no matter when and where, she will help you whenever you ask for her help, she will show her care, her love, and concern if needed, Nicole is the type of girl that we all need in our lives as a friend and I am the luckiest man on this earth to have her as a girlfriend. I love her more then I have ever loved anyone in my 25 years of life only because Nicole is who she is and she doesn't try to be anyone else. So straight forward, so laid back, so loving, friendly understandable, overall a remarkable person. I still wonder sometimes what I did to deserve such amazing person in my life but I don't question myself twice I just look up above, thank all the angels and the lord for giving me the lifetime chance to come across a girl like Nicole. I love her to death and I will love her forever.
And now here is my response to his letter:
coming soon

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