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A Bad-Girl's Guide to Weight Loss Surgery
August-September 2003
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the saga continues.....

8/8 Holy holy holy crap! It's been almost 2 months since I have updated. How sad is that? VERY SAD! Anyway I have since come back from my lovely trip to Miami. Had a great great great time and get this people......I WORE A BATHING SUIT...OUT IN THE OPEN....NO T-SHIRT OVER.....NO SHORTS OVER. It's amazing isn't it?? I never imagined a day like that would ever come. Of course I was still very quick about the whole process. Rip off the clothes and run into the water... (Actually it was a brisk walk to the water due to the fact that if I actually ran I would be afraid of skin shaking)...or rip off clothes and lie down right away. Overall though by the end of the 6 days I became more comfortable with it. On the day we left I was actually walking around in the top of my bathing suit with shorts......*sigh* to have confidence back......Other than that we had an awesome time. We ran into Charles Barkley on the corner of one of the streets. He was looking for some restaurant that of course we had no idea where it was.....We went clubbing two nights out of the 4. Awesome awesome DJs. we saw Scumfrog and Armin Van Burren for those of you who might have any idea of DJs hehe and for those of you who don't Armin is the #5 DJ in the WORLD...So that was fairly exciting. We got to the clubs at like 11:30 pm and didn't leave till 5 am. Needless to say we were sore and immensely tired the next day. I know that many of you are probably wondering what I eat when I go on vacations but you know what? I am at the point where I don't limit myself from anything anymore. If I want some ice cream I'll eat like 6 bites and then I'll be content. So basically whatever I wanted for food, I got. I had pizza, hamburgers, chicken....the basic vacation foods J As with any vacation that you mostly walk around I lost 4 pounds. I was quite excited when I got back home.

        Okay so I had my second real bad attack of nausea a couple nights ago. I was having this major craving for waffles. So, again, without limiting myself I made two waffles and put butter on them with just two dimes size drops of syrup. I ate one and a half waffles and I thought that I was going to puke my brains out and then die. Even when I had gotten nausea before I didn't feel this bad. I have never thrown up after surgery so I was sooo scared that this was going to be my first time. I sat in front of the toilet for an hour and finally it subsided. THANK GOD because I did NOT want to throw up. I'm a big baby J

            Lets see what else is going on in the fabulous life of Nicolehmmmm. Last week was Hikazs birthday and his sister came home for a visit from California. We hung out all weekend and then I took Tuesday off and we headed into Boston. This weekend is their birthday parties and I have to meet the whole extended family.Im a little nervous, but whatever, I guess I have to meet them sometime, huh?? Then next weekend is our last getaway before the school year starts back up. Were heading up into the mountains. This one shall be a relaxing getaway with a Jacuzzi and some nice views. Hes heading to school full time again and I am starting some new Marketing classes at night for my job come Sept. so we have to have one last hurrah. I am getting my car in a couple weeks if everything goes according to the plan and I should be moving down to Massachusetts hopefully in Oct. sometime. Itll get me closer to Hikaz and school, but Ill be about 40 mins away from work. I shall deal though.So, basically, things are moving along nicely and it seems that my life is in about as much order as it can be at the moment. I will try to post some pictures on Monday. I am at work right now and dont have access to them from my work computer. So everyone, I wish you all as good a weekend as I know I will have and I shall talk to you all soon J



Hello all J Times flies when youre having fun..or so they say. Its actually true though. On the 9th I went to Hikaz and Sonas birthday party. The whooooooooooole family was there. Needless to say I was a little nervous. I was going to wear this cute dress but it revealed my tattoo, which the family wouldnt have approved of. So I wore a white collared shirt. ClassyJ I had a great time and got along with everyone. They even taught me how to dance Armenian and Greek. So now I am officially part of the family or so everyone yelled, Welcome to the family, as I had to bend down and grab a napkin with my mouth, sans any help from my hands. It was an interesting and fun time. I would def. do it again in a heartbeat. His family is great. For a long time I felt like I didnt fit in because of the language thing(I think I neglected to mention that his whole family speaks Armenian.) Yeah its been tough, but after as of lately we get along fabulously. Hmmm this past weekend we went up to Kittery, ME and did the whole outlet shopping and relaxation. It was more than awesome!!!

            Plans have changed once again J I dont know if you have noticed that plans change in my life just as fast as the time .One second Im doing one thing and the next something completely different J So noooooooow I have decided that I am going to head back to school full time come January. I am also going to go back for Forensics. This Marketing thing is not for me. I think I could do it but its not my passion. So I am going to join Hikaz at his school in January. Only hell be commuting and Ill be a resident. I cant wait to get back to school and actually use my noggin. I feel so blah as a receptionist. You never really need your head for anything. This doesnt mean that for some people a receptionist isnt a meaningful job. Its just that I always saw myself as a psychologist. So Im getting a car next month and giving my two weeks at the end of November!!! My best friend Laura is studying in Italy for the next semester and somehow miraculously I conned my parents into paying for a plane ticket to Rome over Thanksgiving break. I have wanted to go to Italy ever since I learned about traveling J. Lets see.what else has been going on in the fabulous life o Nicole. Not a whole lot. I bought the newest Carnie Wilson book. Not as good as the first one but still intriguing. I am halfway done. Other than that my life is boring. I am eating Nilla Wafers as we speak. That has become my new obsession. Each week I find one thing to eat that I just need like everyday. And yep this week is Nilla Wafers. Last week it was Sour Patch Watermelons..Mmmmmm soo tasty. YAY its 4 oclock. I get to go home in an hour and a half. 8-5:30 is one loooooooong ass day, let me tell ya. Alright I think its time for a little Snood or maybe some Freecell to pass the time quicker J I lead such a hard lifehehe.Take care everyone and talk very soon.. J


8/29  Allllllright folks I am back to share. "Share what?" you may ask. Well nothing really :) I have no new news so basically I am just writing in here because, well, 1. I am at work and it's the Friday before Labor day so NOTHING is going on and 2. because I finally let Hikaz read my journal and he decided he wanted to add something to it. I am going to just let his letter have it's own page. And nooooo I didn't not tell him what to write :) Everything else is still pretty much the same ol boring life. Well not boring really. I happen to enjoy it :) All I have to say is THANK GOD it's Friday! Tonight is the Italian Feast down in Massachusetts. I have been going ever since I can remember. It used to be a whole family event. My mom, dad, two brothers, and myself used to head out Labor Day weekend and enjoy the rides, food, and games. Every year since my grandmother got Alzheimer's and my brothers decided they were too old and cool for it, we have gone less and less. Then when my grandmother died last year, it just didn't seem the same without her. We would walk through the streets and everyone would yell out "ISABELLE!!!!" and they would kiss hello and talk and talk and talk and talk. We used to call her the mayor cause she knew EVERYONE.....My mom and I were the only ones to go that year and we only stayed for about an hour. Life is funny that way. Things change and everyone just has to move on. I don't find it as fun or entertaining as when I was a child yet for some reason I still cling to that idea. Maybe it's just that little piece of me that still claims to be a child. I have a hard time letting that little piece go. But that is what keeps me me, so I guess I'll hold on to it for as long as I can. Seriously growing up is not it's cracked up to be and I'm just in the beginning phases of it. I don't ever want to think of DisneyWorld as some place with too many kids or a playground as a place that I will only go when I am babysitting or have my own kids. I enjoy those things and I figure that that will keep me young forever, well young at heart at least :)

          Work finally offered me something permanent, but they screwed me over royally. They f-ing offered me a dollar raise. F that shit. I do so much crap for them. I can't wait to leave in December and be like SEEE YA!!!! 11 weeks till Italy. Which reminds me, I have to go and get my pictures taken for my passport. Ahhhhhh my lifelong dream, to have a passport:) and what better place to use it first than Italy ;) I'm hungry......Time for some chex mix....Take care everyone and aaaaaa-baa--dee, aaaaa-baa-dee That's all Folks :)